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This program was unlike any other and I enjoyed every second of it. I’ve seen results I never thought possible. As a result of completing this program I plan on continuing running and my goal is to complete a 5k every month. I have never been in better shape in my life, thank you!”

Deanna Lydon 

 This program was unlike any other and I enjoyed every second of it. I’ve seen results I never thought possible. As a result of completing this program I plan on continuing running and my goal is to complete a 5k every month. I have never been in better shape in my life, thank you!”

Missy Raday

“ 30 Day Breakaway has made me remember that postpartum depression didn't destroy me...it BUILT me. THANK YOU for pushing me and helping me spark a fire I thought was gone.”

Katie Cruz

“I’ve always said I’m not a runner. I never have been and running was always a punishment in different sports growing up, so I have always had this negative mindset around running. This program completely changed my mindset and showed me that I can do things that are hard and different!

30 Day Breakaway really helped me break away in terms of my fitness, but mindset and personal growth as well. This program came into my life right when I needed it!

As Idalis always says, “if you’re running, you’re a runner” and now I can with 100% confidence say that I am a runner!

Hannah Harm

“I was a non runner, literally asked people why they ran for fun cause I did not understand. I really was like what am I doing I cannot run, but here I am after completing 2 5ks and my confidence has never been better. Mentally I look forward to running now to clear my brain. The strength training has made me have confidence in lifting heavy without being bulky. This program changed my outlook on so many things. When I think I can’t do something whether it’s a workout, work or anything Idalis Velazquez will be in my ear saying yes you can.”

Jess Denza

“After completing the 30 day breakaway program, I hit my fastest pace for a 5k!  A new PR which was a year in the making after recovering from an injury!  Thank you Beachbody and Idalis Velazquez!!!

Elaine Fotiadis

“This program has changed my life in all aspects, mentally I KNOW I can do anything, physically I am stronger than ever before, I can say for the first time in my life I AM A RUNNER!!!! This is a program like nothing I have ever done before !!!

Miranda Ann

“ I have never been a runner and I never thought I could be a runner. It was hard, tiring and it always hurt my legs, knees and hips afterwards. That body ache I would feel in the following days was just not worth it! But with this program, I didn’t feel that way at all! It was truly remarkable. I love that all the resistance training helps with your running, the stretches and foam rolling helps any soreness and the guided runs are a game changer. This program helped me truly push past my comfort zone and now I can proudly and confidently say, I’m a runner!

Andrea Llerena

“As a non-runner and plus sized female, I was terrified of this program. I was scared I wasn’t going to be successful or find joy in the workouts and runs. Watching the promo video, my face melted off with fear. But I knew that change happens in the uncomfortable and so I told myself “it’s 30 days, I can do 30 days.”

So I did my best and found myself again. I felt at home on the trail running, even if I wasn’t able to finish the intervals. I started out not being able to do one interval in day one to being able to fully complete the runs as designed and a 5K. I was able to embrace the uncomfortable and my self-confidence grew, my mindset changed and I found the things that make me happy.

Because of you and 30 Day Breakaway, I’m getting certified to also be a trainer and I continue to run 3 times a week and plan to keep running as long as possible. This program changed my life and taught me a lot of things about myself that I never knew. This is my soul program and I will do it and revisit it multiple times. I’m in heaven.”

Kaici Lore

“I swore i would always hate running! When I heard this was my test group I was so scared and mad! I didn’t want to do it. But I thought If this program could teach me to run, it could teach anyone. I’ve always had right sided leg pain from multiple hip injuries. After tons of training with Idalis, learning proper form, and strength straining the right areas, I now RUN happily with NO PAIN! This program changed my life!!

Krissi Lauzon

This program changed me.  Physically I had amazing results and saw muscle definition in places that I have never have before! This program was so much more than physical results.  I grew so much emotionally.  I was speaking to myself nicely, telling myself I could do it, not to give up, give my best even if it's less than the day before. I have always struggled with my confidence in my abilities, but this program has just proven to me I am capable.

I will forever remember this test group and this program.

Idalis, when I started this program I constantly said I'm not a runner. I am so incredibly proud to say that I am a runner AND I LIKE IT!

Thank you a MILLION times over for pouring your heart into this and making us all feel so special, and included! It is so clear that you truly do care about our successes.

This program and this group will always have a piece of my heart because it is the month that I finally truly believed in myself

Amber Nicole

“This program is life changing. It brought both mental and physical changes to my life. It proves to me that no matter how hard things can be, I can push through and DO HARD THINGS.

As a casual/recreational runner before the program, I loved the combination of strength training and interval running. This allowed me to get stronger and faster in only 30 days!! My last official 5K was in October 2019 at 36:56. After 30 days, I ran my 1st 5K at 29:34 and today after 60 days, ran my 2nd 5K at 28:30. I am so grateful for how this program brought back my love for running. No matter what program I choose after round 3, I will continue running 2-3 days per week! I feel amazing!!

Thank you Idalis Velazquez from the bottom of my heart for creating this amazing program!

Kathy Matthews

“30 Day Breakaway is a program that not only changed the way I thought about running but MADE me a runner. The real time schedule kept it fresh and exciting and pushed me every day! Prior to starting the program (as a non runner) I attempted a 5k as a benchmark for myself. On day 30 when I ran my 5k I was blown away by the fact that I had cut my so much 57 minutes to 31 minutes! I it’s all about mindset and the reminder that your brain tells you to slow down before your body really needs to!This was way outside of my comfort zone and exactly what I needed! No matter if you are a seasoned runner or a newbie like I was-this program is going to help you improve you confidence, strength and overall running capabilities. I can’t tell you how happy I am that I had the opportunity to take part and truly Breakaway! Thank you Idalis - you have inspired me!

Kerri Beth 

" I went from being a non-runner/someone who quit everything to being someone who fell in love with this program/running..

My mental health has changed so much that I feel so rejuvenated and like a brand new person!

Seconds before I started my very first 5k my father told me I was not in the shape to run a 5k.. I was at mile 2 and was almost about to throw in the towel..

I refused to stop and kept going.. My first 5k was ran in 40 mins.. 30 days later I ran my second 5k in 28 minutes! (I am a bigger girl so I’m very proud!)

During this program I have truly broken away from my norms. I broke away from the mean girl in my head saying, “I cant do this.”.

On my very first run, I heard you say,”HOW MANY TIMES HAVE YOU QUIT BEFORE SEEING SOMETHING THROUGH TO THE END?!”. I felt like you were talking to me personally... I have always been a master quitter. I never see things through, and here I am about to embark on round three!

I have lost 11lbs and 21inches while doing this program and I have learned that this journey isn’t about a number on the scale. Idalis Velazquez when I say you have changed my life I mean it.. This program is like its own form of personal development.. I am so glad I didnt turn this opportunity down.. I am thankful to have shown myself/and my family just exactly what I am capable of!

Thank you for the most life changing experience..

Victoria M. Cirillo 

“Within the first week of the program, I immediately was shocked by how amazing it made me feel, how Idalis transformed your mindset, and I knew I wasn’t going to give up.

Very quickly, I started beating personal records, breaking away from negative self talks, and loving myself a new way! I lifted heavier than ever and kept going!

I finished my 5k and was reminded the whole way about all the things I learned; correct form, landing mid foot, looking ahead at my finish line, not giving up. I heard Idalis voice even though I wasn’t listening to her.

Coming into the 2nd round I IMMEDIATELY noticed the changes. I was stronger, faster, more excited for my runs, I felt like a CHEETAH!!!

And now, I will never give up on running. I was turned from a non runner into a runner. Thank you Idalis!

Jessica Tanner 

“This program taught me so much about myself and about what I’m capable of! This program felt different because I switched my mentality from weight loss and physical goals to Performance goals! And guess what! I achieved both. I set a BIG goal for my 5k, which I beat.. twice!! And I also feel fitter and better than ever. I’m so passionate about this program and what it can do for all skill levels!!

Kelli Ann

It’s been over 7 years since my last race! Through this program I was able to work on my form, focus on my breathing and mentally overcome so much!!! My pace on day one was 10:25 and I felt like I was dieing! It was so hard for me. By day 27 repeating that same run- my pace was 9:06. I felt so proud and like I could even keep going! On race day (day 30) my pace was 8:55!! It was a huge emotional and mental breakthrough for me. Feeling so proud and like I could take on anything! I actually enjoy running now and look forward to getting outside for a nice run! That would never be the case if if weren’t for Idalis Velazquez in my ear saying “yes you can” and I believe it now!  thank you so much for creating this amazing program!

Kelsey Gage 

"I have never been a runner because running has always been so negative for me as it was used as a form of punishment in the sports I played (e.g., running laps around the gym). I also have grown up with asthma, shin splints, and well...you name it, I probably had it! Running has always been so hard for me. The last thing you'd catch me ever doing was agreeing to go for a run, that is until this program came into my life. This program allowed me to grow in ways I have never imagined before! It taught me that I can do hard things. It taught me that I can learn to get comfortable being uncomfortable and actually enjoy the discomfort that comes with a good push. This program made me want to cry and give up so many times. But it also excited me and brought a whole new world of joy and pride into my life like I never knew before! Going from hardly being able to run 3 mins straight at the start of the program and making my goal to be able to run 10 mins straight, to being able to run a full on 5k in 29 mins, in ONLY 30 DAYS...INSANE! I cut down my overall pace by a whole 1m25s. I have continuously improved my physical and mental strength, my speed, and endurance! This program has opened my eyes to a whole new side of me that I have never seen before, and I could not be more happy and proud Thank you Idalis for being the voice in my head that keeps telling me to push, to never quit, and that reminds me of exactly what I am capable of!

Megan Kalef

“I have never been a runner. As an asthmatic, running always meant another attack, so I avoided it like the plague. But then this opportunity came along and, though I had much apprehension, I decided to give it a try. I learned to control my breathing and I never once had an asthma attack in 2 months of running . Thanks to Idalis, I learned how to control my breathing, which lead to better performance and endurance. The most important thing was that I learned that I could actually do something I never thought was possible. I learned to believe in myself. “YES YOU CAN!” Plus... I lost 8 pounds and 9 inches! I will forever be grateful for Idalis and this program. 

Kimberly Primo 

“With Idalis help I went from never running to running my first half marathon in 4 months and a half! Over the first year of when I started 30BA and running for the first time in my life I’ve since run 4 half marathons, I started training for obstacle course races as well and I’ve been making podium finishes in my age group. I’ve qualified for both the 2022 OCR European Championships in Italy, the Spartan Championship in the U.K. and the OCR World Championship in Vermont!

Erika Poole