These individual courses are a great place to start and level up!

The Running Academy

A step by step course that teaches you how to become a stronger, faster, resilient and more confident runner and unlock your running potential.  You’ll learn how to bulletproof your joints, fuel your body smarter and train to crush your next 5k,10k, or half marathon and more.

Fuel Like A Runner

Learn how to fuel for optimal training, performance and body composition goals while letting go of the toxic diet-culture mindset. You’ll learn to stop restricting and start performing. This course teaches you how to have a healthy relationship with food and your body. The program includes pre- and post-workout nutrition, intuitive eating guide, nutrition basics, nourishing & delicious recipes and tips to help you feel your best.

Next Level Strength & Recovery   

Learn how to train smarter and build a solid foundation of fitness while bulletproofing your knees, low back, hips and ankles. These exclusive programs, workouts and comprehensive gallery, will help you become stronger, faster, improve your body composition, break plateaus and  reach your fitness and running goals. 


30 Day Breakaway

A powerful combo of running and resistance training that helps accelerate fat loss as you strengthen and condition your entire body. In just 30 days, you’ll be fitter, faster, and ready to crush a 5K. These guided interval based  runs and strength sessions are designed to enhance your running performance if you are training for any distances longer than a 5k!

Half Marathon Training 

Confidently run your best half marathon in 12 weeks. This running & strength hybrid plan helps you become a faster, stronger and durable runner as you bulletproof your joints. Includes four different training plans to match your level of fitness and schedule, educational videos, pace calculators & more!

Marathon Training 

These comprehensive running & strength hybrid plans help you prepare for your  first or next marathon and become a stronger and durable runner! It includes  three different plans to match your fitness level and schedule, educational videos to help you level up your training, exclusive workouts, pace calculators and more!   


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