There is an easier way to

MAXIMIZE your results and learn how to run, strengthen, recover and fuel more efficiently

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Bulletproof your joints and confidently run your best in 60 days or less! 

From the newbie to the marathoner, get the most out of every stride, pain free!

You know running provides unmatched benefits and is part of your life,


  • You aren't seeing the progress or results you are looking for despite all your efforts. 
  • You haven't had the best experience with running and feel discouraged at times. 
  • Your are struggling with persistent pain and injuries after your runs. 
  • You want to conquer new running goals but still don't have a clear roadmap, or a comprehensive training plan that allows you to level up. 
  • You don't know how to balance your nutrition to match your goals.
  • You find yourself thinking: “My body wasn’t made for running” or “I will always be a slow runner” or “Is it even possible to get better at running later in life?”  
  • You don't understand the why's and science behind programming and nutrition to adjust your training when needed, while still maximizing your results.
  • You don't know how to incorporate effective strength training into your regimen. 
  • You want to expand your knowledge to grow your business and help your clients reach their running and nutrition goals.
  • You want to confidently prepare for your next big race. 
  • You are struggling with recovery in between sessions. 
  • You are tired and bored of doing the same workouts and runs over and over. 
  • What you know about running is not helping you to run your best and become a durable runner. 
It’s time to go back to school and learn how to maximize your results.

The good news is that you CAN become a fitter, faster, healthier  and happier runner!

I want you to stop wasting your time doing the wrong things, let go of limiting beliefs and unlock your running potential. I want you to have all of the tools and step by step instructions to strengthen and support your body each step of the way. 

The best part is that my course will not only make you a better runner - but will improve your body to take on any challenge.  The Running Academy is self paced, and will always be updated with fresh new content!

You will learn exactly how to :

  • Learn the science of running and how to train smarter.
  • Cross the finish of your first 5k to your first half marathon.
  • Set a new race PR.
  • Optimize your training with the most effective training methods to enhance your running performance. 
  • Safely perform over 150+ exercises (including signature ones) , with step by step tutorials. 
  • When to incorporate the exclusive circuits and exercises for runners and anyone looking to become stronger and faster, to improve body composition and move pain-free.
  • Technique tricks to avoid the common running mistakes and find your perfect form.
  • How to get a stronger mindset as a runner and feel more confident when you fatigue.  
  • How fuel your body properly during training and focus on nourishment over numbers and  let go of toxic diet culture beliefs,  
  • Train smarter, with fewer injuries and more fun along the way.
  • Detailed information to help you understand the HOW and WHY behind what you are doing. 
  • Learn to train sustainably and get more results by doing less work. 
  • To recover more efficiently and maximize your performance and aesthetic results. 
  • How to pinpoint lifestyle errors that sabotage your performance results. 
  • How to use 30 Day Breakaway to train for longer distances and enhance your current training. 
  • Confidently run your best 10k and Half Marathon regardless of your level of fitness with the exclusive training plans. 
  • All the tools you need to clearly communicate and help your runner clients reach their running goals. 
  • Clear answers to the common running, nutrition and training questions and so much more!